Marike Herselman Photography Cape Town

Respect: Annie Leibovitz

By Marike Herselman

I've been drawn to the portraits of Annie Leibovitz since I was introduced to her work in college. At that stage I did not quite know what was the fascination and why I found her portraits so powerful. As I started to develop my own style and noticed what is important to me in a portrait, I realized it was the honesty that seems to emanate from her subjects.

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SAYes Mentoring

By Marike Herselman

SAYes is a non-profit organization that train and support volunteer to mentor vulnerable young people. Gillian Anderson and Michelle Potter founded the organization for you people living in children's homes in South Africa in 2008.

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Psychology of the Portrait

By Marike Herselman

As a portrait photographer I continuously get into the situation where I meet clients that either hate photographs of themselves or dread getting their photograph taking because they are "un-photogenic" or "always look horrible in pictures". Often when I show them quickly on the camera what I think is a great shot, they shy away from what they believe is a "terrible shot". Why do we have this idea, why can we not face a picture of ourselves? I decided to explore what happens in the brain to explain this.

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Project Playground

By Marike Herselman

I was so lucky to have met Frida from Project Playground and to gift her whole team with family portraits. Project Playground is a non-profit organization aiming to improve the life opportunities of children and youth through organised social activities and sports with focus on the individual.

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Playtime with Mamiya

By Marike Herselman

I'm a very traditional girl in many ways and when it comes to doing personal work I always choose to shoot on film. A friend asked me to take a Maiya C220 out for a test drive as he needed some feedback on the condition of his newly acquired toy. So I grabbed a couple of films and took this beuty out to capture some interesting faces.

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Primary Science Programme

By Marike Herselman

For more than 30 years the Primary Science Programme's work in the professional development of teachers has been driven by commitment, passion, and a 'can-do' attitude towards improving the quality of teaching and learning, particularly in the critical subjects of Maths, Science and Language in some of the poorest and most under-resourced primary schools.

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Changing with Light

By Marike Herselman

We've touched on visible light combining different wave lengths that bend in a slightly different ways to create different colours. Also how certain wave lengths gets absorbed and some reflected when it hits and object. Now what happens when light passes through a substance, like water, or class, or the lens of your camera?

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The Saartjie Baartman Centre for woman and children

By Marike Herselman

This month I decided to approach a the first one-stop centre in the country for women, youth and children who have experienced domestic and / or sexual violence in their lives.The vision of the SBCWC is the creation of a safe and secure society and a human rights culture, where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights.

December, 12 2016Read More

For the love of Light

By Marike Herselman

It's essential to understand light as you need these technical objections to be combined with aesthetic aims to produce an outstanding picture. It is simple to understand that photography depends on light. Exactly the same way our sight depends on it.

October, 28 2016Read More

The Bookery

By Marike Herselman

The Bookery aims to provide and support school libraries that are under resourced in South Africa. According to them, there is a dramatic shortage in school libraries with over 90% of public schools in South Africa doesn't even have a functional library.

October, 18 2016Read More